The First amendment imbues upon all citizens the right to report events and happenings in the public interest. This is what fuels citizen journalism, as well as a proclivity for direct engagement in the media.

Submitting News Items

We accept the following:
– Reportage
– Photography
– Entertainment reviews (film, art, literature, sports, etc.)
– Interest pieces (i.e. local history)
– Opinions

Submissions are reviewed by staff which reserves the right to publish or not publish items at their discretion. If you wish to submit something, see our contact page and put “submission” in the name box.

News Tips/Press Releases

We also pursue your tips and publish your releases. On our contact page, please name the subject “news tips” or “press release”.


We will operate a core of regular, core contributors to simply deal with the handling of the news and website. If you would like to become more involved, contact us and we will be in touch.