Brindisi to Sponsor Town Hall on American Health Care Act


ROME – Amidst calls to his office concerning healthcare and the limited public forums being offered to discuss it, Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi will host a town hall meeting where area residents can pass along their concerns about proposed changes to the health care system.

The Town Hall takes place Wednesday, May 17th from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the Ava Dorfman Senior Center, 305 East Locust Street in Rome. The Forum is for ALL area residents.

“Following passage of the American Health Care Act by Congress earlier this month, many Mohawk Valley residents have called my office to express fear about their health care coverage. This meeting will give people the chance to express their opinions and concerns about this very important topic. I will be compiling these comments to send to Senate leaders, as they continue reviewing possible major changes to the Affordable Care Act,” Brindisi said.

“If Congress’s version of the American Health Care Act becomes a reality, the impact on New York State could be devastating. Affordable health care is something every American should have access to, but this proposal is truly ‘Code Red’ for this country’s entire health care system. The state estimates that this plan would cost the state nearly $7 billion a year in Medicaid funding, and more than two and a half million New Yorkers could be deprived of the coverage they need. These cuts to Medicaid would also result in a very uncertain future for many of our hospitals and nursing homes. It is important to me to hear Mohawk Valley residents’ health care priorities to pass along to Senate leaders, in the hopes that this legislation that could be devastating to so many people never sees the light of day,” Brindisi said.

Brindisi will also be delivering a report on the public’s comments to the leadership of the US Senate.

For more information on the town hall meeting, please call Brindisi’s district office at (315) 732-1055.


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