Local Citizens Plan Silent Counter-demonstration at Tenney’s ‘Deplora-Ball’

Press Release

NEW HARTFORD – Representative Claudia Tenney has refused to hold a public Town Hall on the grounds that such an event poses a security risk to her. Nonetheless, Representative Tenney and her supporters will be celebrating President Trump’s first 100 days in office in a New Hartford bar on Friday, April 28th. This event, to be held at Cavallo’s bar and restaurant in the village of New Hartford, has been dubbed the “Deplora-Ball”. This “Deplora-ball” is meant to celebrate the Trump Administration’s first 100 days, during which this administration has attempted to bar entry to refugees on the basis of religion, undermine healthcare, undo decades of environmental progress, enrich the wealthy through tax cuts, build a wall on our southern border, and undermine peace around the world.

In response, many of Representative Tenney’s constituents will stand outside in silent protest against these genuinely deplorable actions of the White House and Republican Congress. They will hold a “Care for All” demonstration. They insist on making “Care for All” a non-negotiable priority here in New York’s 22nd Congressional district and everywhere in America. They stand for affordable healthcare, protecting Social Security, embracing diversity and supporting vulnerable members of society, safeguarding the environment, championing the needs of working families, and other values deeply embedded within our community. Demonstrators will be dressed in black and be silent. They will wear signs expressing their deepest concerns about the actions of President Trump, Representative Tenney, and the Republican Congress. Their protest will be silent but their message will be loud and clear.

What: A grass-roots demonstration in support of the values of our families, friends, and neighbors
Where: Campion Road near Cavallo’s, 40 Genesee Street, New Hartford, NY
When: Friday, April 28th 7:30 – 8:45pm
Who: Representative Tenney’s constituents who are concerned about refugees, health care, climate change, Russian interference with our democratic process, racial and sexual justice, and many other issues

Contact: Jen DeWeerth 315-982-1591
Contact: Sarah Reeske 512-799-6535


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